Admissions at Springhall British Secondary School

Welcome to Springhall British Secondary School, where we are dedicated to fostering a supportive and enriching environment for our students. Our admission process is designed to ensure that each child is a good fit for our preparatory programme, allowing them to thrive academically and socially.

Admission Criteria:
The Registrar and  Head Teacher conduct meetings with prospective students and parents to assess suitability for both the child and the school. Criteria include readiness, developmental maturity, and affiliation with the school. Placement may be refused if it is believed to be detrimental to the child's well-being. Priority is given to siblings when there is a waiting list.

We adhere to a non-discriminatory policy, welcoming all applicants regardless of race, gender, religion, or disability unrelated to the ability to benefit from our programs. Springhall British Secondary School admits new students only at the beginning of each session.

Admission Test:
As part of the admission process, all applicants are required to undergo a comprehensive admission test. The test evaluates your proficiency in both mathematics and English. The content includes arithmetic and reasoning for mathematics and covers spelling, punctuation, grammar, reading, and writing for English. The purpose is to assess your academic readiness for our programs.

The scheduled dates for the entrance exams in 2024 are as follows:

  • Saturday, 3rd February 2024
  • Saturday, 9th March 2024
  • Individual assessments will be conducted every Thursday at 9:00 am. For those unable to attend on the scheduled dates, alternative arrangements can be made upon request.

Offer of Admission Pickup:
Successful candidates who have met our cut-off mark are expected to collect their official offer of admission from the Registrar's Office. This document contains essential information about your program, commencement date, and other important details. It is crucial to promptly pick up this offer to finalize your enrollment.

Acceptance Fee:
Upon successful completion of the admission test, candidates who receive an offer of admission are required to proceed to the next step by paying the acceptance fee. This fee not only secures your admission slot but also marks your commitment to joining our academic community.

Organisation of Classes:
We admit students from eleven to fourteen years old into Years 7 to 10. Our age policy ensures appropriate engagement in age-specific activities. Children must meet age requirements by August 31st of the academic year of entry.

Payment of School Fees:
Formal admission requires the issuance of an admission letter and full payment of all fees, including uniforms. Our payment policy aims to maintain high standards and provide a safe learning environment. Fees are due on the first day of each term, and discounts are available for early payment and multiple siblings. We do not prorate fees or make refunds, but transfers between items are allowed.

Parents are requested to pay 50% of tuition for the first term by the end of July to secure a space for returning pupils. Bills are sent home a week before the school closes, and any concerns can be addressed by contacting the class teacher or calling
+234 806 843 3961.

For inquiries and to book an appointment for a school tour or assessment, please call +234 806 843 3961. We look forward to welcoming your child into the Springhall community.

Please click here to fill the Entrance Exam Form.


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