Parent Alliance


Welcome to the Springhall British School Parents' Alliance!

As a proud parent of Springhall British School, you automatically become a valued member of the General Parents' Alliance. We believe in fostering a collaborative partnership between parents and staff, recognizing parents as the primary educators of their children. Together, we create a nurturing environment for optimal care and education.

Your Involvement Matters:

  1. Knowledge Exchange: Share insights about your child's needs, interests, and progress with staff to enhance understanding.
  2. Home Learning Support: Support your child's learning at home, reinforcing the educational journey.
  3. Active Participation: Contribute your time and skills during school sessions, making a difference in the daily lives of our students.
  4. Special Interests: Enrich the school experience by sharing your unique interests with the children.
  5. Open Communication: Engage in ongoing communication about your child and school life, ensuring a collaborative approach.
  6. Attendance: Join us at meetings, workshops, school functions, and events to stay connected with the school community.
  7. Community Engagement: Participate in school-related community activities, fostering a sense of unity.
  8. Parental Connections: Build lasting friendships with other parents, creating a supportive network.
  9. Advocacy for Progress: Engage with the school on issues that promote progress, growth, and development for both pupils and staff.
Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Express your interest in volunteering for specific sessions on the school planner by contacting your child's teacher or leaving a message with the School Admin. This hands-on involvement allows you to witness the day-to-day school life and actively contribute to the children's activities.
Parents' Alliance Representatives (PAR):
  • The Parents' Alliance Reps (PAR) form a dedicated subset within the Parents' Alliance, with two representatives per house. Nominated or appointed by the school and approved by the Board for a single academic year, PAR plays a crucial role in planning and implementing school activities or events. Selection is based on factors such as parental involvement, availability, and a positive track record in school life.
PAR Responsibilities Include:
  • Supporting new families joining the school.
  • Assisting in organizing and executing events on the school planner.
  • Arranging social events for parents and staff.
  • Fundraising for the benefit of pupils.
  • Serving as a critical friend to the school, addressing issues with mutual respect.
  • Acting as a positive spokesperson for the school to parents.
Prerequisites for PAR Membership:
  1. Active membership in the school community.
  2. Demonstrated support in all areas of school life.
  3. Flexibility and availability for meetings.
  4. Board approval for parent's application.
  5. One representative per house at each meeting.
  6. A one-year break between consecutive years of service.

Join us in creating a vibrant and supportive school community at Springhall British School!

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